PUBLIC RECORDS SEARCH: A.R.I. Inc. offers Nationwide Record Checks. Checks of Records in all County, State and Federal locations. Also DMV (motor vehicle records). Our Network with other agencies give us fast & accurate access.

A.R.I. Inc. can locate Missing Persons, Bail Jumpers, Bad Debtors. We use the most accurate information available. We find 'em fast.

A.R.I. Inc. can provide you with continuous service at an affordable price and will provide you with Rush Service as requested.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUNDS AND ASSET CHECK: If you want to know about a potential business relationship or are suspicious about your Mate or potential Mate, let us provide you with a detailed report about an individual or business. We can get Real Estate Information, Motor Vehicle Information and Bank Accounts.

LOSS PREVENTION SERVICES & TRAINING: You can contact A.R.I. Inc. by Email, Telephone, or Fax. We will come to your location or prepare information based on your needs. We can provide you with Loss Prevention Training at your site or ours. We can provide you with Surveillance Cameras, In-House Undercover Agents, as well as a Prepared Plan for your location. For a minimal charge we can provide you with Training Manuals, Reports, Video Tapes, showing actual case activities (reenacted) Call us for details and prices.

PERSONAL PROTECTION: Contact us for discreet information about our program. We can provide you with experts in the field of Personal Protection. We employ many Police Trained Officers. We also employ Agents with Extensive Military and Civilian Experience and Training.

With our Network of Experienced Investigators throughout the country, we can provide you with Expert and Reliable Surveillance Services. We can provide you with Video Taping, 35mm photo's and convert them to other media for your purpose. We can provide Computer generated reports with information obtained.

SECURITY CONSULTATION: A.R.I. Inc. can provide Expert Security Consultants who can work with you in providing Security Protection for your facility.

INVESTIGATIVE CONSULTATION: A.R.I. Inc. can provide Expert Investigative Consultants who can work with you and assist in developing an investigative plan.

CULT INVESTIGATIONS: A.R.I. Inc. is one of only a few Agencies specializing in Cult Investigations. We can assist you in a Plan of Intervention for adults or children who are involved and engaged in these activities. Let us help you today.

MISSING PERSONS INVESTIGATIONS: A.R.I. Inc. has certified Missing Person Investigators who can help you locate that Long Lost Relative or Friend. We can assist you when all else fails. We can help develop a lead when your public agency can't. Contact us for details.

ALARMS AND EQUIPMENT (Installation) A.R.I. Inc. works together with Northland Alarm Co. and can provide Equipment and Installation Services. Contact us for details.

DOMESTIC INVESTIGATIONS: A.R.I. Inc. has Extensive Experience in Child Custody and all types of Domestic Investigations. We can provide Check-A-Mate services and all types of Surveillance Work. Our Agents are experienced at obtaining the kind of information that will help you to prevail in your court battle, involving Child Custody & Marital issues.

WORKERS COMPENSATION INVESTIGATIONS A.R.I. Inc. can provide Expert Information for Insurance Companies, Corporations and Individuals. We have extensive experience and equipment that will provide the information needed in those Personal Injury cases. Let us help you today!


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