With Active Research Investigations Network of Experienced Investigators throughout the country, we can provide our clients with expert and reliable surveillance services. We can provide you with video taped surveillance using the latest digital camcorders, or digital still photo's, and convert them to a medium for your purpose. A.R.I. Inc. has experienced surveillance investigators who can do the job you need. Active Research Investigations Inc. can help you with Domestic Investigations, Workers Comp. Investigations, and all other Criminal and Civil Requests. We have the latest equipment including Night Vision Equipment, Surveillance Vehicles, Discreet and Experienced Investigators. Our general fee's are $80.00 per Agent Hour, $ .50 per mile per vehicle and all Expenses. Contact us about any case and we will quote our fee's based on total projected hours. We also require a minimum retainer in advance.

ARI Inc.
P.O. Box 4031
St. Paul, Minnesota  55104
Toll Free:  1-800-894-9186
Office:  651-659-9551
Fax:  651-641-0795

EMAIL: activeinvestigations@comcast.net